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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings - Spiritual Velocity

Spiritual Velocity

Matt started a new series this week called Spiritual Velocity.  There were some great things that Matt shared and they got me to thinking about a lot of other things.  So here are my Monday Musings . . .

Velocity - the speed of something in a given direction.

The messages over the next few weeks are going to be from the book of Colossians  I love the book of  Colossians.  It is a personal favorite.  So spiritually speaking - what is your velocity?  Is your growth progressing and in what direction are you moving? 

Verses 1-14 are full of clues as to what we are to look toward as we access our spiritual velocity.
Faith in Christ -- involves hearing the word, believing the Word, trusting God’s character and living in grace
Love for the saints -- the greatest form of love is sacrifice
    Matt gave 5 warning signs that you are not loving the saints as you should:
    *you are not serving others
    *you do not give to those in need
    *being absent from the body -- we need to be a part of a body of believers!
    *being judgmental or unforgiving

Do you look like this?
Bearing fruit of the gospel (Do you look more like Jesus now than you did a year ago, a month ago, a day ago?)
Filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding
Pleasing Him in all respects
Bearing fruit in every good work
Increasing in the knowledge of God
Strengthened with all power according to HIS glorious might (I love that it is His might - not mine)
Steadfastness, patience, joyously giving thanks
Rescued, Redeemed, Forgiven

Are you counting your days?  Are you investing your time wisely?
Have you stalled out or are you becoming more like Jesus?

How do we cultivate maturity?
*Ask good questions
*Learn from more mature Christians - there is always someone who is farther down the road
*Be committed to a body of believers
*Be grace motivated - not guilt motivated

That is only the 1st 14 verses of that chapter!  Colossians is such a practical book.  We spend a lot of time wondering what God’s will is.  Well - if you just tackle these verses, that will keep you busy enough.  Just imagine if we all lived out what is written in these verses!  Wow - we really could change the world.

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