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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday - So many things . . .

Thursday rolls around again and I have so many things to be thankful for that I don't even know where to begin.  I'm back in snowy, cold Chicago and it is always good to be home.  My Mom came back with me and is helping me give a Valentine Brunch this Saturday for some sweet Chicago ladies.  Much fun.

Well - just in that paragraph there are multiple things to be thankful for:
*my trip to see my girls
*my girls
*My Mom
*My Chicago friends

Here is a picture of one of the rooms we painted at Ashley's house - the color sets off their art.  

God's hand was all over this trip.  I flew out of O'Hare the first day it was open after the blizzard and snuck into DFW before their next storm.  I also flew out of DFW before they got some more ice on Tuesday night.  I'd say that the Lord orchestrated my trip!  Heather was able to drive up on Saturday although her trip up was a little stressful - but by the time she went back home on Sunday, everything was good.  It was such a sweet time to spend with both of my girls.  I really cherish those times.

Ashley and I did a lot of wedding talk and we all got to taste cupcakes to make our choices for the wedding.  That wedding is going to get here quickly!  Lots of fun to come.

My neighbors Ryan and Michelle had their baby this week - born early Wednesday morning (on her due date!) and she is healthy and beautiful.  They are such a sweet family that I am so thankful for.

Ryan, Michelle and Hannah Elizabeth

 I am thankful for my friend Karen who came to walk Quincy every day while I was gone.  Also - my neighbors Ryan and Ali who walked Quincy in the evening.  Alan is working 24/7 so their willingness to help allowed me to fly to TX with no worries about Quincy.

Alan lost his Aunt Berta recently.  She had been battling health problems for some time.  It was very sad to see her go - but also a relief to know that she is in no pain and is with her Savior Jesus - which is exactly where she would want to be.  She was an amazing lady - so good to everyone.  She had a gentle and quiet spirit along with a great sense of humor.  She had two children, 8 grandchildren and I believe 8 great grandchildren although that count may not be 100% correct.  Everyone has been having babies in that family so I might not be caught up!  She ran the library in her city for many years.  She knew so many people in town and helped them in numerous ways.  She always made you feel special.  I am thankful for Berta's life and the difference that she made.

I am thankful for the ongoing opportunity to paint at Hamilton Elementary.  Here are two pictures of what I have painted so far in the library.

The Giving Tree

Green Eggs and Ham
What are you thankful for this week?  Start making a list and you will feel a smile creeping across your face.  Blessings friends.

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