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Friday, February 18, 2011

Freaky Friday

Okay - it wasn't really that freaky but it seemed like a good title.  I had such an interesting Friday that I thought I would write about it.  Also - I'm still working on my Thankful Thursday post so it will probably not appear until next Thursday!

My day started out with painting at Hamilton Elementary.  Fun week - Finishing "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and then painting Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the crocodile.  I left today with the crocodile still toothless and not quite done so I will finish him next week.  It is hard to have a bad day when you are painting Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!  

At 1:00, I walked over to a Starbucks to meet a mysterious person that I had been exchanging emails with.  For the past two weeks, we had been corresponding.  She (as it turned out) was asking for information about small groups at church and specifically the one on Sunday which I am leading.  No name, no phone number - just an email address.  We went back and forth finally discovering that she really wanted to be in a womens group, not a coed group.  We don't have a women only group this time around, so I offered to meet with her one on one.  She took me up on it and I got to meet her today.  She was very nice - she does have a name - and just like most of us, she had a story.  We had some great conversation and I think I was able to encourage her.  I hope I will be meeting with her again.  Love how God works.

After that, I got to spend time with Amanda and her daughter Emily - her husband works with Alan.  That was also a sweet time.  Our husbands are working around the clock right now - so some good, encouraging girl time was in order.  

Tonight, I had a couple over who are from TX.  They moved to Chicago not long after us to plant a church.  I didn't know them - but we have mutual friends, so I invited them over.  What a great couple and what a sweet time of fellowship we had.  They are an amazing couple who have such a heart for the Lord and for Chicago.  Love that!

All in all - a great Friday.  A whole day spent building relationships and loving on friends - doesn't get much better than that!  I love how the Lord orchestrates my days - they are always full of surprises.  Love this walk with Jesus.  It is good indeed.

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