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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Reflecting on Chicago ~ Destination Church

With just a few days left in Chicago, I couldn't very well leave without reflecting on our church.

When you move to a big city and do not know ANYONE - finding a church home is at the top of the list!  Through God's grace and mercy, we found Destination Church the very first Sunday after we moved into our place.  It was a church start up that was meeting in a comedy club just down the street from us.

We immediately knew that it was exactly where we needed to be.  We jumped right in with both feet and felt at home right away.  It has been such an adventure to watch it grow and get to be a part of God's bigger plan here in the City.

Here we are, about 236 Sundays later.  Part of wrapping up our time in Chicago is saying goodbye to this church family.  Of course, we are really just saying, See you later, but the goodbyes must be said, anyway!

This church has been so many things for us.

These people are our friends, our Chicago family, 
our support and just plain fun.

They have loved us well.

They have allowed us to serve along side of them.

They have gathered at our house for meals, small groups and projects.

We have grown through hearing the Word and through studying the Bible together.

We have laughed (a lot), cried, grieved, rejoiced and been in awe.

This church has enriched our time here in ways that are just hard to describe.

Friends - we are made to be in community.

We need each other.

You don't have to go it alone.

God's family is big and there is a place for you wherever you live.

Thank you, Destination Church family, for making our time here in Chicago some of our best years.  You have allowed the Lord to use you in so many ways in our lives.  Words seems to fall so short of what I am trying to express.

May the Spirit allow His pleasure with your love and 
care for us to be felt in full today.

We love you!