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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Chicago

After 5 months of living in Chicago - here are some of the things that I am thankful for in my new city.

It has so much to offer!  
In any direction I can find stores, restaurants, museums, sports stadiums, and a lot of coffee shops.
Shedd Aquarium

Wrigley Field

Art Institute of Chicago
Public Transportation 
Love taking the EL all around town along 
with the occasional Taxi.

On any given day, I hear numerous languages and see all different kinds of people dressed in all 
different kinds of ways.  You really never know what you are going to see next!

The skyline
So beautiful.  I am in awe of it.  What a spectacular city!
Our gorgeous skyline

Lake Michigan  
Again - incredibly beautiful with so many 
looks depending on the weather and the wind.  
It is truly majestic.

City Streets 
They have so many different looks.  I love seeing all the different kinds of housing, shops, and restaurants.  Every neighborhood has its own personality and look.  It will take me years to explore all the different areas.
I love living somewhere where it snows.  Snow is magical to me.  Now ice is another story - but I do love seeing it snow.  It makes me smile.

Cold weather
Now it is going to be below zero tonight and tomorrow and this is a bit extreme, but I really do love the cold.  It is energizing - of course they may just be that you 
HAVE to walk faster!

Filling up with gas
No - not the prices (yikes - $3.59 a gallon today) but the fact that I only fill up my car about every 
6 weeks to 2 months.

Destination Church
God has been so gracious to us to give us such a wonderful church home here.  We love our new church family and all that the Lord is doing in this place.  It is indeed a privilege to be a part of this body of believers.

The People
  I love the people of this city.  The people in the stores and the restaurants are so nice.  I have met so many great people since moving here.  People are helpful and generally very kind.  I moved to a city of strangers 5 months ago and I now live in a city of friends.

I am so very thankful for Chicago.


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