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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday ~ Last Call for Fall

I have been in Colorado for 3 weeks - I leave on Friday.  It will be great to see family in Texas and work my way back to Chicago, but boy oh boy, I sure am going to miss these mountains.  We have never timed a trip quite so perfectly to see the fall unfold.  I got to go on some great hikes, beautiful drives and enjoy the beauty of God's creation right out of my own door.  I am so thankful for this refreshing time.  I thought as a last hooray for Colorado fall, I will do one last Thankful Thursday post of the beautiful Colorado color.

These pictures were taken on a hike out of Molas Pass.  It is up near Silverton and starts out at 10,500 feet - so breathing is a bit challenging.  The hike starts with a 4 mile descent to the Animas River.  I can not even count how many times I said, "Oh my gosh - that is so majestic."  "Wow - God outdid Himself here."  Alan and I have decided that to see the most beautiful things, you have to be willing to go on a difficult hike.  After enjoying the river, seeing the Durango/Silverton train and having our picnic lunch, we began the hike back up for 4 miles.  Let's just say that hiking back up 4 miles is a bit harder than hiking down 4 miles - but it was well worth it.  I enjoyed the challenge and the sheer beauty of it.

I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of God.  

Molas Lake - our starting point

The color was amazing against the snow topped mountains.

There is nothing like a big, blue Colorado sky.

I never get over the majesty of the mountains.

I love the view through the trees.

Magical fallen leaves

Durango/Silverton Steam Engine Train

Animas River 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the Lord's Majesty on display in the mountains this fall.  Be on the look out for the ways that He will reveal Himself to you today.  It could be in nature - it could be in the eyes of a loved one.

Thank you, gracious Father, for filling my life with such beauty. 

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