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Friday, October 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday ~ Home

It is always evident when I have been traveling for a good while.  I can not ever remember what day it is!  I arrived back from TX on Monday afternoon and haven't really known what day it is since!  It is good to be home - even when I am missing my girls and the mountains - it is good to be home.

I am thankful for:

safe travels - I had 3 deer step in front of my car on my way to Tyler and  I had to swerve to miss them.  It was one of those moments where things could go either way and I ended up okay.  I don't take that lightly!

Beauty - I had such a beautiful drive home.  The fall color is Missouri was breath taking.  It was like a gift directly from the Lord.

Fall - yep - it is fall here in Chicago and I get to continue enjoying the beautiful color that surrounds me every day.

Hamilton - It is so good to be back painting at Hamilton.  As soon as I walk into that building, I feel like I have come home.  I love the people there and I love serving there.

Matt - My neighbor, Matt, got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend, Kristin!  We are very excited for them!

Working Out - back to working out with my dear friend, Marifran.

Stacy - Stacy is living with us right now and it is such a treat to have her here.

So many things to be thankful for!

What is on your list today?

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