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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday - My Peers

I live in a very young area of Chicago.  Most of my neighbors are in their 20's - most of my church is in the 20's.  Of course, I think I'm in my twenties so it works out pretty well!  I love the energy and vitality of this place and these amazing people I get to hang out with.  

But . . . sometimes you just need a peer group.  I have a wonderful group of ladies my age and stage of life back in Texas and I knew that the Lord would provide those kinds of friends here in His time.  So - - I have 2 great friends that have become my peer group :-)  

In November, God saw fit to move Steve and Karen Cunningham to Chicago.  They were already connected with our church so they started attending there.  They are in their 50's!!!  We were so excited!!  We really love each other and we can relate with each others lives in so many ways.  Karen is my Chicago sister and confidant.  She is so much fun and is such a great friend.

Then, also in November, God brought Marifran into my life.  We met one day in a boxing class at the gym.  After class we began to talk and we really haven't stopped since!  We were just instantly friends and I have loved watching that friendship develop over that past few months.  We have so much fun together and we motivate each other to work out (YAY).  If I don't have my Marifran fix each week, I'm the worse for it!

I don't know what I would do without these two ladies.  They are such a great support system for me and they understand those things that only women over 40 get - you know what I mean?  I am so thankful for them and just praise God for providing those friendships that He knows are essential to my life. 

When I look around me, I am so often in awe of this life I have.  Is it always easy - No - but it is always good.  God is gracious.  He knows my needs and He meets them.  He puts such amazing people in my life of all ages.  I can't even believe I get to be me sometimes!!  

So today - I am especially thankful for Karen and Marifran.  I love you two!

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