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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Ashley

I had such a great week in TX last week.  We hit the ground running with wedding details and errands and really accomplished a lot.  It was great to get all that done - but the sweetest thing about the week was the time I got to share with Ashley and those that she loves!  I have the greatest daughters that are my closest friends.  I feel so blessed.

Here are some of the things I loved about this time:

I loved my time with Ashley . . .
      time to eat some good food
          time to hang out and catch up
               time to take some pictures and even eat fried, bacon wrapped deviled eggs (only in TX)

I loved my time with Ashley . . .
     time to share in worship together
           time to enjoy with her friends
                time to ponder and plan

I loved my time with Ashley . . .
     time to meet with our wonderful florist, Tracie
          time to meet with Reata about catering (YUM)
               time to meet our good friend DavidMc for dinner

I loved my time with Ashley . . .
     time to hit every Hobby Lobby and Michaels around
          time to have lunch with our sweet friend Mandy
               time to organize invitation parts and stamps

I loved my time with Ashley . . .
     time to help her at work and see how God is using her
          time to catch up with friends
               time to go to youth group and see God move

I loved my time with Ashley . . .
     time to head down to Waco to hang out with my Mom, Dad and Hannah!
          time to address and stuff lots of invitations!
               time to visit some of our favorite Waco haunts

I loved my time with Ashley . . .
     time to be reminded of what an amazing woman she is
          time to just revel in God's work in her life
               time to just count my blessings.

Ashley has amazing people in her life and I loved getting to spend time with them too - James (my soon to be son in love), Meghan, Mandy, Blake and some great people at Milestone Church.  Thank you Lord for my sweet daughter and the incredible gift she is to my life!

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