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Friday, December 21, 2012

Thankful Friday ~ SNOW

Well - as usual, during a holiday, I have no idea what day it is so Thursday just passed me by.  No problem, though, because I am just as thankful on a Friday as I am on a Thursday! 

I have been in the mountains since Sunday night.  Can you say BLISS?  I thought I would share a few pictures of the snow here.  It is truly spectacular.  I am so thankful for our very Creative God - who delights in showing Himself through His creation.

There is just something about a Colorado blue sky with snowy trees that I just love.

Our house in the snow

This is my backyard - oh my goodness

We have some huge icicles

I love the way snow looks on fences.

God's Christmas Tree

My view as I walk down my street

Looks like marshmallow fluff!

Another fence  :-)
I love this time of year - I love Colorado - I love snow - I love time with family (my Mom and Dad got here today and both of my girls and their hubbies get here this weekend!!!!) - I love how the Lord reveals Himself through such beauty - I love that even though hard things are going on in this world, we get to pause and celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.

I am so very thankful . . .

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