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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings: Who is He to you?

I have arrived in paradise . . . no, not heaven . . . no, not Hawaii . . . COLORADO.  Check back on Thursday for some amazing pictures of the fall color.  How I LOVE this place.

When I was thinking about what I would write about today, I camped out on Psalm 145.  I read it yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since.  It has multiple names of God and descriptions of Him in it.  Here they are:

My God, My King
     Great is the Lord
                 Unsearchable Greatness

Doer of Mighty Acts
            Glorious Splendor of His Majesty

Wonderful Works
                Awesome Acts
 Abundant Goodness
                Righteous One
Gracious One

Slow to anger . . . Great in lovingkindness
      Good to all


The Lord  Sustains 

He is Righteous, Kind and Near
         He fulfills my desire
                  He keeps me

As I looked over that list, I was most encouraged today that the Lord sustains, nourishes, satisfies and restores.  That is just good news to my soul today.  He has me covered in every way.  In Him, I find true nourishment (the food of His Word and the water of the Spirit).  Only in Him can I find true satisfaction.  He satisfies my soul in ways that nothing else and no one else can.  He has restored the broken places in my life and given me abundant JOY.

So, I'm wondering what calls out to you today?  

What do you most appreciate in these verses?  
I'd love to hear about it.

All praise to the One who Restores my soul.

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