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Friday, June 13, 2014

Fantastic Friday ~ The Good News About Failure

Before I delve into anything quite so serious, I need to show you why it is truly a fantastic Friday!

Oh yes, my grandson, Cooper!  I am spending my days with Heather and her husband, Cooper, and this cute new blessings, Baby Cooper.  A bit of heaven on earth!

Fantastic Friday, indeed.

I have been reading through the gospel of Mark this past month.  As I was reading chapter 14, it occurred to me that it is a picture of failure made up of numerous snapchats!  But these didn't disappear after 10 seconds!

In verses 32-42, Peter, James and John could not stay awake to support and keep watch for Jesus during his agonizing prayer time.  They fell asleep three times.

In verse 44, Judas gives the signal and betrays Jesus to the religious leaders.  Not only that, but he betrays him with a kiss.

In verse 50, all of Jesus' followers left Him and fled.  Every. Single. One.  They all ran in fear rather than stand with Jesus.

In verse 62, Jesus flat out tells the High Priest that He is the One - the Christ - Son of the blessed One - Son of Man - and yet he fails to believe Him and chooses to condemn Him.

In verse 65, there is the failure of the crowd to embrace Jesus, after hearing him speak with authority, heal the sick and perform countless miracles.

In verses 66-72, Peter denies Jesus three times after declaring to Him that he would stand by Him. Three times even to the point of declaring that He didn't know Him.


A series of ,"oh, boy, we blew it!"

Huge, staring you in the face mistakes

A PHD in failure, if you will.

So, if you are feeling like a failure, you are in some pretty good company.

a failure to believe

a failure to stake a stand

a failure to stay awake

a failure to be supportive

a failure to be a true friend

There is a lot of failure in the Bible . . . A LOT.

If you have ever thought that you are too much of a mess
 to belong to Jesus or have
 disappointed Him one too many times, worry no more.

He specializes in redeeming failure.

He takes our bleakest, darkest moments and uses them to transform us.

We move from scared, cowardly, denying and betraying Peter to the Peter who was the rock of the New Testament church.

God's forgiveness, mercy and grace are BIGGER

Bigger than your mistakes

Bigger than your shame

Bigger than your despair

Bigger than your fear

Bigger than your depression

Bigger than your betrayals

Bigger than your insecurities


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