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Friday, May 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday ~ What we didn't know . . .

Alan and I celebrated our 31st anniversary this week.  To some of you, that sounds like forever and to others, you are thinking, "just babies!"  To us - it seems a bit surreal.  In some ways, it seems we have always been married and in other ways, it seems such a short time!  Alan had a business trip to New York City so I got to come along so we could be together for our big day.

Saturday, May 22nd, 1982.  What we didn't know . . .

 We didn't know that I would never look this serious or composed again . . .

We didn't know that the 80's styles wouldn't last . . .

We didn't know how this little one would change our lives.

 We didn't know that you should never have a family photo made at Olan Mills!

We didn't know that two years later, we would add another precious daughter . . . and that quilts look better on the bed.

We didn't know that we would make a cross country move, 
not just once, but four times in 8 years

We didn't know how sweet it would be to be in youth ministry,
 share mission trips and go to Youth Camp with our girls. 

And move again . . .

We didn't know that we would gain these two wonderful sons 
and enjoy our adults kiddos so very much!

 We didn't know what an adventure big city living would be.

We didn't know how the Lord would use us to challenge, encourage, shape and make each other better followers of Jesus.

We didn't know we could love each other so much more than we did
on that day in 1982.

We spent some time at our anniversary dinner
talking about our favorite memories 
over the last 31 years.

It was such sweet conversation.

We both got teary talking about all that we have shared.

It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been worth it.

Alan Goad -- thank you for loving me so well.

Thank you for dreaming big dreams with me.

 Thank you for listening to my heart even
when I can't find the words.

Thank you for sharing in the adventure of all
that we didn't know . . .

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