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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday ~ BSF

How is your thankful Thursday going?  I have had a fantastic day.  I'm in Columbus visiting my friend, Aimee, on my way to a whirlwind tour through northern Ohio and Indiana.  Today - I was able to attend the Bible Study Fellowship class that I was a part of when I lived here.

Let me tell you a bit about Bible Study Fellowship.  I first attended a class when I lived in TX.  My girls were 2 and 4.  We spent the year studying Genesis, and little did I know that the Lord was going to call me out of my familiar surroundings just like Abraham.  It was a pivotal year for me as the Lord used that study to prepare me for a cross country move.  I just ate it up - every week of lessons and lecture.  My girls were able to attend the children's program and their little minds and souls began to understand the truth of God's Word.

We moved to NY and I attended a class in CT for two years.  It was fascinating to study the Minor Prophets when I lived in a heavily Jewish area.  The words on the page came alive.  When I moved back to TX, I did another year there and then we were transferred to Ohio by my next year.  All of those years were huge for me - but the Lord really got a hold of me in Ohio.  We had barely gotten settled into our home when the BSF study was gearing up.  I found where it was located and got signed up.  Just a few weeks after the study began, I was asked to be a discussion leader.  What an amazing and maturing experience.  I learned so much from the other leaders, the women in my group and our teaching leader, Connie.  I grew leaps and bounds and the Lord used that time to prepare me for what was next.  I was able to serve in that role for 4 years and it was a huge blessing.

It was a sweet thing, this morning, to sit in that same church, listening to Connie lecture on Genesis - right back where I started!  The Word was rich with truth and both encouraging and challenging.  It blessed my heart to look around the room and see so many women who were hungry for God's Word.  

I have had the privilege of sitting under many great teachers and studying the Bible in a lot of different ways. There are so many great studies out there and they all offer something just a little different.  When I look back over the years, I find myself very thankful for those years in Bible Study Fellowship.  I am thankful for Ms Johnson's obedience in developing this method of study and pioneering this work.  I am thankful for the many volunteers who put together materials and faithfully serve those attending.  I am thankful that every week, the name of Jesus is lifted up all around the world in BSF classes.


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  1. I've had similar blessing through Community Bible Study(CBS)in multiple locations as we've moved around. I am so thankful for the depth of study and growth through the Word! My husband just started a BSF class and I am so excited for him because I've gotten so much from my CBS studies all these years and I know he'll get the same through BSF! Glad to have found your blog through Linny's link up today. God bless you!