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Friday, August 3, 2012

Thankful Friday: Jana

Well, if you are following my posts, you can tell that this week has been a little crazy!  It has also been really good and for that, I am very thankful.  My sweet friend, Jana Harwell, arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon for a visit.  

This was taken when we got to share time in Colorado.

I love Jana.  I like to call her my "hippy" friend because she is fun and funky and super creative.  She has such a great sense of style and she is the one and only, unique and wonderful Jana.

She is also a godly woman who encourages me and challenges me.  She has such a heart for people - an amazing heart for worship and gifts and talents to do both.  She sings, plays the piano, writes music and teaches voice.  She is heading back to school this fall to get her masters.  I am a BIG FAN of hers.

We have shared some really amazing times and also helped each other through some very difficult times.  Our souls and knit together and our friendship is eternal.  

Thank you, Jana, for being my friend.  You are an amazing gift to me - straight from the Father Himself.  I love you!

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