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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Grace (my grandmother - that is!)

Today is my grandmother, Audie Grace Cunningham's, 95th birthday. 

Happy Birthday Granny!

I feel truly blessed to be 52 years old and still have my grandmother.  It is fun to think back all the way through my life and remember so many great times that we have shared.  

Some of my best childhood memories took place on my grandparent's farm in central Texas.  I got to watch sheep be sheared, goats herded, cattle rounded up, horses trained and gather freshly laid eggs from the chicken coop.  Life was simple and it was an adventure when we were at the farm.  When I went to college at Baylor, I got to spend time back out at the farm.  It was a place of refuge and rest.  My girls got to spend time at the farm also.  My grandmother loves my girls as much as she loves me.  Her arms are big enough to reach around a very big family. 

There have been many things that I have learned from my grandmother over the years.

*She modeled working hard.

*She loved serving and giving to others.

*She taught me what faith looks like when it is lived out in hard circumstances.

*She showed me what it meant to love your husband in sickness and in health.

*She showed me what faithful grieving looks like.

*She has lived a life more independently than any so called "modern woman" ever could.

*She is tough as nails . . . seriously, as tough as nails.

*She proves that you can eat biscuits, gravy and bacon - and still be healthy.

*She watched out for her neighbors and loved her church.

*She never gave up.

*She loves Jesus, big time.

*She has always loved me, encouraged me and prayed for me.

I love you Grannie - 
and I am thankful for you 
and all that you have 
taught me over the years. 

Happy Birthday!

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