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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday - It's almost Christmas!!

Jesus loves me this I know 
because He graciously allowed it to snow. 
Flakes showering down just like His grace.  
Oh, how I can't wait to see His face.

It is a little hard to see - but the snow is coming down!  I asked the Lord if we could get some fresh snow for Christmas so I truly believe that He thought it would be fun to surprise with this fresh snow!  Waking up to it this morning was such a treat.  By the way - I'm not launching a song writing career - so no worries! 

Being in Durango is always fun.  We went into town yesterday.  Here is something fun we saw - just made me laugh!
I got to start out my day getting my hair done by my friend, Janelle.  She is such an amazing girl - just love her.  

We even ran into her at Walmart on Sunday and got to meet her husband Erick.  I started going to Janelle about 5 years ago.  I just walked into a salon to see who I could make an appointment with.  Janelle had an opening.  I would say it was a divine appointment!  I have loved journeying with Janelle through life and listening to her stories about her family.  She is such a hard worker and has such a tender heart.  When I got to the salon yesterday, she was just finishing up with a client.  She was hugging her and crying - telling her that she was not going to charge her for the services and that she was giving her a gift certificate for another cut and color in the future.

After her client left, she began to tell me what was going on.  She told me that her client's sister was a friend of hers and that the sister had been killed in a plane crash at the beginning of December.  That sister had wanted to give her big sister a gift certificate for Christmas to treat herself to a hair treatment by Janelle.  This big sister had practically raised her since their Mom died when they were 15 and 7.  Losing her little sister was like losing a sister and a child.  So difficult.  

I love that Janelle had such a tender heart that she wanted to fulfill that little sister's wishes to bless her big sister.  Janelle was one of the last people to talk with the little sister before her death, so the big sister just wanted to know what they had talked about etc.  Janelle totally surprised her and blessed her by treating her to a relaxing salon treatment for free. 

Isn't that so like our Savior?  He knows our hurts and He seeks to heal those wounds.  He heals the fresh ones and He heals the ones that have scabbed over and scarred up - yet are still painful.  He uses us to love on and bless each other.  Janelle was an extension of His grace.

I am thankful for people like Janelle that are tender to those who are hurting.  I'm thankful that we have the privilege of loving people in such tangible ways.  I'm thankful that the Lord saw fit to give me Janelle as a friend here in Colorado.  Her enthusiasm, joy and tender heart are always a blessing to me.  

Where have you seen God's grace extended?  
How can you be an extension of 
His grace this Christmas?

Christmas is really hard for some people.  I feel like loss and pain are somehow magnified.  
the great hope is in that message of Christmas - a Savior born to us - Emmanuel - God with us.  
God came down to show us how to live and 
then He died for us on the cross and 
rose again so that we might truly live.  
Even in the darkest moments - 
this is good news.  

Merry Christmas to all of you! 
Thank you for being such an encouragement to me!

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