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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesdays Thoughts ~ Window Shopping

I thought I would try to squeeze in a post before I take off for 2 weeks on my Japan adventure.  I'm looking forward to writing about that experience and all that I know the Lord will do.

In the meantime, I thought I would tell you about a brief conversation that my friend, Stacie, and I had the other day.  It was early morning, last Thursday, when Stacie and I were walking to Illinois Masonic Hospital for a day surgery on Stacie's knee.  As we walked down Belmont (a major street by my house), we commented on the window display in a store called "Something Old, Something New."

It is an interesting shop, to be sure, but we both agreed that the best things the store has were typically in the window.  Once you walked in, there wasn't much else to see.  In other words, the window dressing didn't accurately represent the contents.

Well, that got me thinking.  Nice window displays are great but they don't mean much if there is not anything great in the store. 

Wait a minute . . .

Have I been guilty of that very thing myself?

Are some of us trying to fool the world with some pretty window dressing that lacks substance?

We learn to make the outside look good.  We know the right things to say and how to smile even if our insides are crumbling.  

We can be pretenders.

What if we stop it?

What if we choose to be authentic?

What if what you see is what you get?

The world is all about window dressing without substance. 

Let's be different.

Let's be real, and honest, and unafraid.

Let's allow God to be BIG in us and through us.

Let's introduce the world to a relationship with substance.

Let's show others our loving, gracious, forgiving, ever present Jesus.

Let's have a window display that includes pain, despair, disappointment, confusion, forgiveness, mercy, grace, love and hope.

That would be real.

What is in your window display?

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