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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday ~ October

I love the month of October.  It is a delightful time here in Chicago.  The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are turning beautiful colors and gang activity slows down (seriously - colder weather has its perks!) 

Small groups start back up at church.  Now - I know I have written about small groups before, but just let me say it again.  I LOVE SMALL GROUPS!  I have a group of 13 women and we are going through a study by Jennie Allen called CHASE.  We are already being challenged and encouraged.  I already LOVE these women.  They are from different places, of different ages and in different points in their walk with the Lord.  It is so much fun to see them already growing to love and care about one another. 

October brings the Chicago Marathon and my hubby is running in it this year.  He has worked hard and I'm proud of his dedication.  I know he will do well.  One of his closest friends, Greg Creasy, is coming to run it with him.  Should be a great experience for them to share.  I'll be happily waiting at the finish line.

October also brings a trip to Texas to celebrate with my parents as they are honored at Baylor University.  I can't say enough about my parents' generosity and service to Baylor and its students.  They are amazing people who have made such a difference in so many lives.  I've known how fantastic they are all along - but it is fun to see them honored in such a wonderful and well deserved way.

October also brings an unexpected opportunity to go on a mission trip to Japan!  I'm heading to Japan on Oct. 21-30.  This truly came out of the blue and I am excited to see what the Lord has up His sleeve (so to speak!)

October seems to stand for opportunity this year.  

I am thankful for all that the Lord is up to this month and the privilege of being a part of it. 

Embrace what the Lord has for you in the coming weeks!

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