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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reflecting on Chicago ~ Neighbors

I thought it would be fun to wrap up my City Chat Chicago blog with my reflections on what the Lord has gifted me during my time here in Chicago.  Little did I know what He had in mind when I enthusiastically agreed to make the move from Texas to Illinois.

Boy - has it been full of surprises and treasures.

I have about 5 more weeks here.  Suddenly, that seems like a very short amount of time!  I have so much to be thankful for that I better get to writing!


Oh, how I love my neighbors.

Alan and I always pray that the Lord will place us exactly where He wants us -- and then we keep our eyes wide open to see who He wants us to love on.

It was sure easy here in the big city.  We live in a 3 unit building, so those building mates were our first friends here.

Jamie and Kevin lived on the top floor and Matt lived on the 2nd floor.  We moved into the duplex down (floor one and the basement level!)  We loved these guys from the start. 

I would vote Kevin as one of the nicest guys on the planet.  He was always ready to help you with anything - always kind and friendly.  He was our "shoveling snow in the middle of the night" guy.  I love Jamie!  We had many great conversations and sweet times.  They moved out to the suburbs about 1 1 /2 years ago and we still miss them! 

Matt married Kristen about 1 1/2 years ago so we got a new building mate!  Great choice - Matt!  They are so dear to us.  They are family.  They are kindhearted and so genuine.  They have been amazing neighbors and friends.

Ken and Courtney moved in when Kevin and Jamie moved out.  We have loved having them in our building as well.  They are both kind and generous.  Quincy loves their dog, Sylar. 

All of us have shared many a meal, had lots of conversation, watched out for each other and helped each other out numerous times.  We feel so fortunate to have landed in the same building with these guys.

I had some neighbor parties and got to meet quite a few people on our street.  Many of them became sweet friends.  Some of them have already moved away.  There is such a transient nature to a big city.  People come and go -- so you better get to know them fast!  Big thanks and love to Ryan and Michelle (Hannah and Owen!), Chris and Flora (Zoe and Leo) and Ryan and Alison.  Our lives were all the richer for living near you!

Matt, Sharon, Nicholas, Jennifer, Wayne, Carlos, Rebecca and Dan have been steadfast and wonderful neighbors.  Rebecca and her then roommate, Jenni, took me to brunch my first Mother's Day away from my daughters.  I will never forget that!  Josh, Janet and Jackson just moved in next door at the end of the summer.  Although we have only had a short time with them, they have become very dear to us.  There are some others that we are at least acquainted with and we are grateful for each one.  The Lord placed us in the midst of some wonderful people.

It is hard to imagine what life would be like without these amazing people.  I am so very thankful for each one of them and for all that we have shared.

This was my first move to literally never feel loneliness.  The Lord provided us with friends so quickly that it was a smooth transition.  What a huge part these neighbors have played in our life.

They have made our time here in Chicago rich, indeed.

Thank you.

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